It takes a village to get through loss​

Savo brings friends and family together to support a loved one during times of loss.

We take the question out of "how can I help?"

During times of loss it’s difficult for those grieving to articulate their needs, leaving friends and family feeling lost on how they can support their loved one. Savo makes it easy to bring a community together to help ease the burden of everyday tasks during times of grief.

Answer a few questions

We’ll ask you a series of questions to better understand your loved one’s needs. Based on your answers, Savo generates a customized task list tailored to each family. This includes tasks often not thought of such as pet care, household chores and emotional support.

View and edit task calendar

With the answers you provide as well as expert knowledge and research, we’ll automatically schedule the custom tasks in a calendar view. It’s quick and easy to make updates and add additional information as needed.

Invite others to help

Easily invite others to volunteer by email, social media or sharing the special link with them anyway you choose.

Savo helps you help loved ones during times of loss