About Savo

As a certified end of life doula and someone who has lost both my father and grandfather, I thought I knew the ins and outs of dealing with loss. However, this belief was shattered in January 2019 when my mom unexpectedly passed away and I became my grandma’s primary caregiver.

People all over the country and world were asking me how they could help and even as an expert in the field who had done this twice before, I had no idea how to respond. Or where to start with asking for support as I navigated the waters of planning my mom’s funeral, cleaning my grandma’s house out, and getting her moved to DC with me.

It was during the first days I was home when 30 avocados showed up at my house. People wanted to help and the best way they knew how was to bring me avocados for my favorite breakfast, avocado toast. And although this food was helpful beyond measure, there was still much to be done and people who wanted to help me do it.

When I returned to work, I knew I wanted to build a solution that helped people help each other during trying times. Savo became this solution. The namesake, stemmed from my mom’s name, Sandy, and the 30 avocados that planted the seeds for this creation.